Vaccine Safety Facts Parents Should Be Aware Of


Vaccine Safety Facts Parents Should Be Aware Of

Vaccine Safety Facts Parents Should Be Aware Of

There are many questions that parents have, especially first-timers, when it comes to having their children vaccinated. It has actually increased in the last few years, after quite a number of anti-vaccine groups have raised concerns about the safety of these shots. Some claim that they are more dangerous than the diseases they are supposed to protect children from, while there are also others saying that they increase the risk of people for certain conditions, such as cancer.

If you are one of the millions of other parents who are concerned about the safety aspects of immunization shots, make sure that you read through this entry to learn more about this crucial topic.

The Safety of Having Your Baby Get Multiple Vaccines At One Time

One of the most common questions asked by many parents, especially first-timers, involves vaccination and immunization. They want to know if it is actually safe for their little ones to get multiple vaccines in one go. The answer is a simple and straightforward yes. Administering several vaccines to a baby at one time is far safer than allowing them to miss these extremely important types of protection.

If you are worried that having your precious one get vaccinated because of the germs that he/she may get, you should know that your baby’s immune system is actually a lot stronger than what you may believe. In other words, your baby has the ability to handle more germs than what he/she can get from a vaccine. Additionally, the amount of germs that vaccines contain is far less than what your baby’s immune system has to deal with and handle every single day.

Yes, there are times wherein young children get a reaction to after receiving vaccination shots, such as rashes or a mild fever. However, you should know that the risk of them suffering from more serious side effects are still lower than the risks associated with the diseases that these shots are able to prevent, which are often more severe in nature.

It is also worthy to note that the creation and development of the immunization schedule a lot of medical and health experts use today has been well-researched and comprehensively studied. As a parent, it is also your right to know that this schedule has been proven over and over again to be safe. In fact, it is a lot safer for you to follow this than to spread out vaccination schedules, as the latter can more likely lead to your little one being sick.

Creating an alternative schedule can also make things inconvenient for you. When you space out the schedules, it means that you are going to have to take your son or daughter to the doctor more times.

Negative Reactions Associated with Immunization Shots

With the rise of stances comprised of people who are against immunizations and vaccinations, more and more parents are second-guessing the benefits of these disease-preventing shots. If you are one of them, you should know that many of the studies that anti-vaccination stances have released to the public are either not comprehensive, or have been completely put down by health authorities.

Yes, there is still the possibility that children may get reactions after having their immunization shots. However, they are only minor in nature and should not be a cause of panic in parents. These include the following:
• Redness, swelling, or soreness in the area where the vaccine was administered
• Some swelling in the area where the shot was given
• Slight fever

In really rare cases, vaccines may result in more severe reactions, such as serious allergic reactions and seizures. This can be prevented by informing your primary health care giver about any history of allergic reactions that your child may have had, particularly if these reactions have taken place after eating or drinking something, or taking a medication. You should also tell your doctor about any problems that your kid may have had after a previously administered vaccination shot. It is really important for you to tell everything about your child’s health history, as well as that of your family’s prior to having your little one receive his/her shots.

All in all though, you should know that millions and millions of kids are receiving vaccination shots safely every year, with only a very small percentage suffering from serious side effects. It is also worthy to note that more resources are being put into studying immunizations, especially their safety. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has given its recommendation to doctors regarding the utilization of diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis immunization shot, called the DTaP, which has resulted in even fewer cases of side effects.

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