Tricks to Get Your Child to Quit Using a Pacifier


Tricks to Get Your Child to Quit Using a Pacifier
Tricks to Get Your Child to Quit Using a Pacifier
Most of us have been given pacifiers by our parents, and what a relief it has given them during all the times that we have been fuzzy. Now that you are a parent yourself, then you probably have been using this extremely useful tool for your child as well. However, now that your baby is older, you may be wondering what you can do to break the habit. To help you out in this area, here are some of the tried and tested tricks to get your child to quit using a pacifier.

The Earlier You Break the Habit, the Better

According to medical experts, the easiest way to get your child to stop using his/her pacifier is to break the habit as early as you can. The simple reason for this is because when you take away the pacifier at an age wherein he/she is too young to complain, the transition will be faster and much simpler.

Make the Pacifier Taste Unpleasant

You probably know of the trick that parents do to get their children to stop biting their nails – by putting something on their fingers that do not taste good. You can apply the same thing to break the bond that your kid has with his/her pacifier.

Gradually Wean the Process
By slowly removing the use of a pacifier from your child’s usual daily regimen, there will come a time wherein he/she will no longer notice that it’s gone. A great way to do this is to restrict its use at certain times and specific places.

“Accidentally Misplace” the Pacifier

Pacifiers are among the most commonly lost baby items. So the next time that this happens, and you are actually trying to make your child quit using it, then just stop looking for it. If this does not happen to you though, but you still want to make your baby stop using it, you can “accidentally misplace” the pacifier.

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