Tips for Talking to Your Teen about Sex


Tips for Talking to Your Teen about Sex
Tips for Talking to Your Teen about Sex
One of the most awkward topics that parents have to talk to about with their kids is sex. You should understand though that you, as a parent, are the most important sex educator of your children. And while it definitely can be challenging, it does not mean that you should just leave the task and the responsibility to other people. There are a lot of things that sex education teachers in schools are not able to cover, and these are the things that you have to address. So to help you out in this area, here are some tips for talking to your teen about sex.

Establish the Clarity of Your Values
Before even starting your conversation about sex to your teenage son or daughter, you first need to establish just what your values are and if they are clear and unbiased. It is crucial that you do not focus solely on what your faith tradition tells about sex. You should talk about this to your child with facts to back you up and not just beliefs.

Realize the Difference between Beliefs and Facts
In some cases, facts often challenge the belief of a person or of the community that he/she belongs to. So prior to having a conversation with your child about sex, you should first come to a realization of what really are the differences between your beliefs are and the facts that are associated with sex. This will actually provide you with the chance to make certain that your teenage son or daughter not only has accurate information, but also understands what your beliefs are and its importance to you.

Never Forget to Have a Sense of Humor
Whenever you plan to have talks of sex with your teenage child or kids, it is important for you to maintain a sense of humor all throughout. Having a sense of humor can actually reduce tension and awkwardness. Make your child feel more comfortable talking to you about sex by keeping it factual and interesting.

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