Tips for Getting Pregnant


Tips for Getting Pregnant
Tips for Getting Pregnant
There are some women who are able to conceive by simply stopping their contraception medications. However, there are a large number who have a hard time, try as they may. If you are one of the women who belong to the latter group, do not despair, as there are several steps you can take to improve your odds. To help you out in this area, check out the list of tips for getting pregnant that we have come up below.

Tip 1: Have Sex More Frequently
While you should obviously do this if you are trying to conceive, it is possible that you and your partner have busy schedules and cannot just drop everything and have sex any time you would like. Even if you are having sex fairly often you may be incorrectly timing it. According to fertility experts, timing cycles properly, especially if you have irregular periods, will help improve your odds of getting pregnant. To further improve your odds set a goal of having sex every other day.

Tip 2: Determine Your Ovulation Period
Women who have regular periods go through 28-day cycles. If you are one of them, start from the very first day of your last period and count 14 days. This is the beginning of your ovulation period. In the event that you have irregular periods, you can use an ovulation kit to determine the period that you are most fertile. Read our article When Do You Ovulate?” for more information.

Tip 3: Have Sex Right Before Your Ovulation Period
Right after you experience a surge in your hormones, you should have sex on the same day as well as on the next couple of days. According to medical experts, the rates of pregnancy are at their highest two days prior to ovulation. Egg cells only have a 12 to 24 hour survival rate after ovulation, so having sex after ovulation may result in the egg losing its viability before the sperm even reaches it. Sperm can live up to 5 days, so increase the amount you have sex about a week prior to your ovulation. There are ovulation tests and prediction kits such as the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test and the Clearblue Fertility Monitor which can help you better target your highest peak of fertility.

Tip 4: Enjoy
It is very important that you have fun and enjoy yourself whenever you are having sex. This applies not only to women who may or may not be trying to conceive, but to every female out there. When you think too much of sex as a chore that you need to do because you want to conceive, it will result in undue stress which can then lead to relationship problems and further problems conceiving.

Tip 5: Don’t Rush Things
Yes, you want to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, if you are rushing yourself too much, it will put too much pressure and stress on you. Your body will naturally react negatively to stress which will impact your odds of conceiving.

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