Symptoms of a Colic Baby


Symptoms of a Colic Baby
Symptoms of a Colic Baby
All babies are expected to cry. This is only normal. Since babies cannot talk yet, crying is their way of telling you that they are wet, sleepy, hungry, or tired. However, it is also a symptom of a common health problem: being colic. It can be confusing, so it is important for you to learn what the symptoms of a colic baby are so that you can distinguish normal crying from this health condition.

Below you will find a list of the most common indications that a baby is colic.
• Cry for no apparent reason, even if you have already changed his/her diaper or has already been fed
• Cries in the evening or anytime of the day but at the same time
• Cries for three or more hours every day
• Cries for more than three hours a day and more than three days every week and has been doing so for the last three
• Creates sounds that are greater in intensity than what is perceived to be normal, such as high-pitched screaming
• Crying cannot be stopped even if you try to feed him/her
In addition to the most common symptoms of a colic baby mentioned above, there are also other signs that you should look out for. Here they are:
• Usually arches his/her back
• Has the tendency to clench his/her fists
• Bends his/her legs and arms into the direction of his/her stomach
• Tummy is bloated
• Face turns red and flushed whenever he/she cries
• Tightens his/her stomach muscles

The Best Time to Call the Doctor

Colic babies still eat in a normal manner, thus; they will still gain weight. However, if your precious one stops eating properly and no longer gains weight or goes through weight loss, it is already time for you to give the pediatrician a call and set up an appointment.

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