Safe Baby Teething Remedies


Safe Baby Teething Remedies

Safe Baby Teething Remedies

Teething is one of the most painful experiences that your baby will go through as he/she grows. To make matters worse, certain medications that have been developed to ease teething pains in babies have been found to be harmful. In fact, Hyland’s Teething Tablets, one of the most popular medications for this condition, has been recalled. So if you are at loss when it comes to safe baby teething remedies, give one or all of the tips below a try.


One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is that every baby out there has different teething methods. While there are some babies whose teething pains are aggravated by breastfeeding, there are also many who want to suck even more because of the comfort that it brings. Just because teething has begun, it does not mean that your baby can no longer breastfeed. If biting attempts take place during nursing, you should try rubbing your finger over his/her gums prior to the feeding session.

Chilled Foods

If you have already started feeding your baby with solid foods, chilled foods can help ease teething pains. Chilled yogurt or applesauce, aside from helping soothe the pain, will also satiate your precious one’s hunger.

Cold Spoon

Chill a clean spoon in the fridge and apply its rounded part on your baby’s gums. This can really help ease the pain your child is suffering from. Just make sure that you do so carefully, especially if your baby has already begun to grow teeth, as you might accidentally break one of his/her teeth.

Cold Washcloth

Another trick that will help soothe teething pains is to give your baby a cold, clean washcloth. You can either chill this in the fridge or freeze it in the freezer. Dip the cloth in breast milk or water and then give it to your baby so he/she has something to gnaw on. Some moms are also recommending chamomile tea.

Gum Massage

This is a tried and tested remedy that can ease away teething pains. You just have to make sure that your finger is clean before gently applying counter-pressure on your precious one’s sore gums.

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