Help Your Child Overcome Nighttime Fears


Help Your Child Overcome Nighttime Fears

Help Your Child Overcome Nighttime Fears

One of the problems that most parents have when it comes to the sleeping habits of their bigger (school-age) children is lack of it due to nighttime fears. This is especially true in children age 6 to 8. According to experts, it is during this age bracket that children tend to develop nighttime fears ranging from being scared of the dark, being left sleeping alone, and having monsters in their room (like under the bed or in the closet).

As a parent, it only makes complete sense for you to want your child to get rid of such fears, as it may already be affecting his/her sleep and changes his/her behavior. You need to understand that resolving these fears right away is not always possible, as it is something that he/she has to outgrow, but there are many other things that you can do to help your precious one cope up with such fears. Being able to successfully do so will result in longer, more relaxed sleep.

So here are some tips that you can try to help your bigger kid overcome nighttime fears.

1. Develop a Peaceful Bedtime Routine

Taking a bath or a shower, reading a pleasant or happy story, playing relaxing songs, and you staying for a couple of minutes beside your child’s bed can be of great help.

2. Leaving the Nightlight On till your Child Falls Asleep or is Ready to Sleep

Since most kids develop fears of being in the dark, you may want to consider setting up a nightlight or two beside your kid’s bed. You can leave it on till he/she falls asleep (turn it off once he/she does) or ask him/her to turn it off before closing his/her eyes. A nightlight may help your kid feel a bit more secure than having none at all.

3. Leave your Kid’s Bedroom Door Slightly Open

Another good way to feel your child more secure at night is to allow him/her to leave it slightly open or ajar. This is a tried and tested way of making him/her feel more comfortable, knowing that you are just across the hall or right beside his/her room.

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