Help Your Child Deal with a Bully


Help Your Child Deal with a Bully
Help Your Child Deal with a Bully
It is a sad but unfortunate fact that bullying is a major problem in educational institutions. However, this does not mean that the kids who are being bullied just let bullies take away their freedom and happiness in school. So for parents out there, it is important that you teach your kids how to handle situations that involve them becoming the target. Here are some ways on how you can help your child deal with a bully.

On Cyberbullying
If your child is being bullied through online or text messaging means, tell him/her that not responding is the best course of action. Blocking the bully from sending any more messages should be the next step. In addition, you should also tell your child to filter his/her inbox so that only people they know can send them messages.

On Face to Face Bullying

In cases of face to face bullying, sometimes, the best way to deal with such situations is to have the child being bullied stand up, as long as he/she feels it is safe to do so. Bullies thrive on the feeling that they have power over others, so if the person they are bullying tells them straight up statements such as “I am not scared of you” or “You should leave me alone,” they will feel powerless and rethink their actions.

On Being Left Out

Bullying can also happen in the form of leaving someone out. While such situations are subtle, they can still hurt the child being left out. To make matters worse than it already is, kids who are being excluded often don’t say anything to their parents. In such cases, it is best for you to dig deeper and find out why these actions are being committed against your child. This way, you can get down to the bottom of things, establish the reasons for the bullying, and come up with the best and most appropriate approach.

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