Healthy Ideas for Your Child’s School Lunch


Healthy Ideas for Your Child's School Lunch
Healthy Ideas for Your Child’s School Lunch
All parents out there worry if their children are eating healthy while at school. However, there are many days where parents don’t have a lot of time to prepare their kid’s school lunches. Fortunately, healthy school lunches do not necessarily have to take a lot of time to whip up. Here are some healthy ideas for your child’s school lunch that he or she will absolutely love and that you will have no problems preparing.

1. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado Wraps

All you need to do is to mash one avocado with some lemon juice and spread it on a tortilla wrap (better if you get some whole wheat ones). Top this with some crumbled bacon, thinly cut romaine lettuce, and sliced tomatoes. Roll the tortilla and wrap it with wax or parchment paper to secure it in place. If you are worried that your child will not like it because of the veggies, you do not have to. The bacon will do the trick.

2. Turkey Salad and Dinner Rolls
This is a perfect way to make use of your leftover turkey. Just combine diced turkey with some halved red grapes (better if they are seedless), very thinly sliced celery, toasted almonds, and mayonnaise. Depending on the mayo that you will use, you may no longer need to add some salt and pepper. Pack the salad into an airtight container and include whole wheat bread in it. Your kid will definitely love not only the eating part, but also the assembly portion.

3. Turkey-Cheese Pita Pockets
Again, this sandwich is another great way to make use of some leftover turkey. Get some pita pockets (better if you go for the whole wheat ones) and spread a bit of sour cream and cheese on it. Fill the pockets with sliced roast turkey, sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, and baby spinach leaves. The sour cream and cheese will really be enjoyed by your child even if he/she doesn’t like veggies that much.

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