Getting to Know Your Child’s Friends


Getting to Know Your Child's Friends

Getting to Know Your Child’s Friends

Do you know who your child’s friends are? Do you know what their names are? What are the other things aside from their names that you know of them? Getting to know your child’s friends is one of the most important things that you as a parent should do, as this will help you not only understand your own child better, but also protect him/her from possible harm. Getting to know the other children that your kid hangs out with can make a huge difference in their lives. To help you out in this area, here are some tips that you will find useful:

1. Learn all of their names.

You should start by learning the names of all the other children that your own kid spends a lot of time with. From there, get to know his/her classmates’ names. There are even some parents who use a notebook to jot down the names of their kids’ friends as well as contact numbers. These pieces of information will be of great help to you especially as your children grow older and become teenagers.

2. Strive hard to make your home welcome to the friends of your child.

You will be surprised at how big a difference it will make if you make your home a place where your child and his/her friends will feel comfortable in. Aside from making your kid happy, his/her friends will also respect you even more. When they hang out in your home, always greet them by their name (something that will also help you remember them). When speaking to them, do so in a way that you are making eye contact. Always smile when they arrive. Being polite and courteous to them can even instill in them these values. Their parents will be happy that their kids are hanging out with someone who has such great qualities.

3. Always greet your child’s friends whenever you encounter them.

Whenever you meet one of your child’s friends somewhere, you should make it a habit to greet them with a smile. If they greet you first, you should also respond and ask them how they are.

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