Get Your Preschooler to Stop Lying


Get Your Preschooler to Stop Lying
Get Your Preschooler to Stop Lying
Lying is and will always be an act that all kids will commit multiple times. Usually though, these lies should not be serious causes of alarm. However, in the event that children already find that telling lies will be a way for them to get out of trouble or get attention from other people, you should understand that this can already become a difficult habit to break. This is why it is important for you to know how to get your preschooler to stop lying; as setting rules as early as possible will help them realize the consequences of telling lies.

1. Develop a Strict and Clear Rule Emphasizing Honesty
When you develop a strict and clear rule that puts emphasis on honesty and telling the truth, your preschooler will come to understand that dishonesty can lead to more serious problems.

2. Be a Role Model
If you want your kids to be honest and to avoid cases of lying, then you should be a role model to them. You should always tell the truth yourself.

3. Compare Honesty with Telling Lies

Regardless of the age of your child, you should always talk about the pros of honesty and the cons of telling lies. This is especially true in younger children, as they need all the guidance you can give in order to have a better understanding of being truthful from being dishonest.

4. Find Out the Reason for Lying
According to experts, there are 3 different major reasons as to why kids tell lies. First is for bragging, second is to avoid getting into trouble, and third is simply because of fantasy. By finding out why your preschooler lied, then you will be able to come up with the most appropriate way to address it.

5. Give Your Preschooler a Fair Warning
It can be very helpful for you to give your preschooler a fair warning if you are 100 percent (or very confident) that you caught him/her lying. You can state this warning by saying, “I am ready to give you one more chance to tell the truth about what happened. If I find out that you are still being dishonest, understand that there are more serious consequences waiting.”

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