FAQs on Bathing an Infant


FAQs on Bathing an Infant
FAQs on Bathing an Infant
If you are a first time parent, chances are, you haven’t had any experience bathing an infant. Having a newborn baby can be an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t need to. So to help you get through the first time and make you feel more at ease, check the answers below for the most frequently asked questions about infant baths.

Is there a recommended amount of water to be placed in the baby tub?
You will find numerous recommendations as to how much water you should put in a baby tub. However, the most popular advice (that you may want to start with) is around two to three inches of warm water.

How warm should the water be?
If you have a thermostat, set the water heater to produce warm water below 49 C or 120 F. Always feel the water first before bathing your baby in it. You should also make certain that the environment itself is warm.

How should I hold my baby in the baby tub?
You should hold him/her securely. With one hand, support your child’s head. The other should be used to hold your baby’s body properly while guiding it into the water. The feet should always be the first to touch the water.

What part of my baby’s body should I bathe first?
In most cases, it is best that you start with your baby’s face. From there, move to the parts that are the dirtiest. Inside and under skin folds as well as genitals should be soaped and rinsed properly.

How about my baby’s hair?

If the hair of your newborn baby appears to be dirty, then you can go ahead and wash it. You can also do this if your child’s scalp has developed the common condition known as “cradle cap,” wherein formation of scaly patches takes place.

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