Dealing with Your Teens First Date


Dealing with Your Teens First DateDealing with Your Teens First Date
If you have a daughter, then you know that there will be a time wherein she will finally go on dates. However, the first date is always the most challenging and nerve-wracking. And to make matters a lot more challenging for parents, the statistics say that nowadays, the average dating age has gone much lower. For girls, it is now 12 ½ years, while it is 13 ½ for boys. So to help you get through, here are some tips on dealing with your teens first date.

1. Show excitement for your child. Always remember that dates are exciting, much more so if it is the first one. Your daughter is already experiencing the romantic feelings of liking someone, and better yet, that her emotions are reciprocated. It is one of the biggest turning points of growing up, so your daughter will be very happy to tell you about it when she asks for permission. You should never react negatively. Show her that you are excited and be thankful that she asked you for permission. You should also let her know that you are looking forward to meeting this friend of hers.

2. Don’t forget to ask your daughter if you can meet her date. Being able to meet your kid’s date will help you feel more comfortable, as this will be a time wherein you can spark up a conversation with the person she wants to spend her time with. It is a good idea to schedule a time to meet your daughter’s date prior to the big event. Get to know him but don’t be intimidating.

3. Make certain that you talk about boundaries with your child. If you really believe that your daughter is much too young to go on dates, you should let her know about your feelings. Tell her what you think is the most appropriate dating age. 16 years old is the recommended age of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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