Dealing with a Jealous Sibling


Dealing with a Jealous Sibling
Dealing with a Jealous Sibling
Sibling rivalry is very common in households. And while normal, it can cause significant distress especially if one of the children is already dominating or bullying the other. There are many possible reasons for this, with the most common being jealousy. It is best to handle situations as early as possible. To help you manage this, below you will find tips on dealing with a jealous sibling.

Holding Your Kids Responsible for their Behavior

In most sibling rivalry cases, all of those involved are responsible for their behaviors. So if you are sure that this is the case for your kids, it is highly recommended that you hold all of them accountable. A good way to implement this is to establish rules. For example, you can tell your children that every time a fight starts between (or among) them, sleeping time will be an hour earlier than usual.

Scheduled Bickering
You read that right and what you understood from the term “scheduled bickering” is probably right too. This is best applied by parents who have kids who constantly bicker. To deal with this very common problem among kids, especially those who are going through sibling rivalry, force them to do it. Set a schedule wherein your kids will be allowed to bicker as much as they can, say for half an hour. While this may sound weird, it can actually work. Your kids will be surprised at how silly they will feel trying to come up with a topic to fight about.

Avoid Judging or Saying Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong
If you have established that bullying is not the issue when a fight starts, then avoid being a judge and telling your kids that one is right and the other is wrong. Instead of doing this, show equity and tell them that fighting is not a part of your house and if it does take place, they would have to deal with certain consequences.

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