Day Care: Questions to Ask the Facility


Day Care: Questions to Ask the Facility
Day Care: Questions to Ask the Facility
The time has come for your precious child to finally attend a day care center. While it is true that you have numerous options to choose from, it does not necessarily mean that your first choice is already the best. You need to be certain with your final decision, seeing that you would be placing your child’s safety and well-being in the hands of other adults. So before you make your choice, make sure that you first read this guide titled “Day Care: Questions to Ask the Facility.”

What Are Your Qualifications?
When checking out prospective day care centers, it is a must that you ask them about the things that make them qualified care providers of very young children. You should find out how long they have been providing child care services and ask them for references. They should be completely licensed, authorized, and insured.

What are the Safety and Security Procedures You Enforce?

You want to be certain that you will leave your baby in a facility that is highly safe and secure and will make sure that your baby’s health and well-being is never compromised. In order to do this, ask the facility how they put babies to sleep (should always be on their backs), how they maintain the sleeping areas (should always be free of hazards and all areas are childproofed), and if there is a qualified staff member present in the facility at all times.

How Do You Handle Issues of Children Being Sick?
You should also find out how the day care center manages sudden illnesses or deals with unfortunate accidents that may result in injuries. Ask them about the process that they follow, such as the first aid methods they provide, the medications they give, and how they notify the parents of the situation. These are very important questions you need them to answer as this will provide you with a way to gauge their expertise in child care services.

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