My Daughter Dresses Too Sexy


My Daughter Dresses Too Sexy

My Daughter Dresses Too Sexy

Clothes are some of the most powerful communication means. They can be considered as a connotation to certain qualities that a person has. They can also convey particular messages, especially when it comes to emotions. Some people choose to wear certain clothes because they are angry, sad, or happy. Some clothes are also worn to express sophistication or because their wearers want to flirt. In other words, these garments can be used either to repel or attract other people.

So if you think that your daughter is dressing way too sexy, it is a must that you first get to know her reasons for doing so. It is important for you to take the time to pay more attention to her by studying the moods she go through, her problems at school, the people that she hang out with, and any other developments and changes taking place. There are many reasons for your daughter wanting to wear clothes that you find too sexy, and knowing how to approach this matter will help both of you come to terms and understand each other better.

Here are some of the most common reasons that teenage girls wear clothes that are revealing:

1. Your daughter may be rebelling. If your daughter thinks that you want her to be perfect, wearing sexy clothes may be her way of telling you that she is dependent and that you no longer have any control over her. Demanding your child to be perfect is never going to do anything good – children nowadays know that they often cannot meet the standards and expectations their parents have set for them, so rebelling is often their choice of showing their parents that.

2. Your daughter may actually be suffering from a great deal of stress. It is possible that your daughter’s sexy clothes are a cry for help. With young females being subjected to extreme stress such as peer pressure and school matters, they end up becoming depressed and unhappy. And with most of them not knowing how to approach their parents for help, they just use clothes as their outlet.

3. Her clothes may be an identification of the people she hangs out with. If your child is hanging out with a group of people who dresses the same way she does, then it is possible that she wear sexy clothes so she can be identified with the group. Always keep in mind that most girls today want to do everything in their power so that they can feel a sense of belonging.

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