Cool Math Games for Kids


Cool Math Games for Kids
Cool Math Games for Kids
Math is often one of the most difficult subjects for many people; even adults have a hard time solving simple math in some cases. So how do you make kids love this extremely important aspect not only of their school, but also of their life in general? One of the best solutions is by teaching it through the use of entertaining and educational games. So here are some cool Math games for kids to try.

Math Terminology Word Search
Draw a table that has at least 10 half-inch squares downwards and another 10 going to the side. Like a traditional word-search game, fill the squares with letters, some of which should make a word that refers to a Math terminology, while the rest should be with random letters. The terminologies that you should include in the game should be based on the grade or the level that your child is in. To make it even more interesting, use colorful cards and various colored pens to write down the letters.

The Addition/Subtraction Pairing Game
To enhance the knowledge of your child when it comes to fractions, you can try out this game. All you need are a few colored papers and colored pens. In each paper, write down a fraction (3/4, 1/2, ¼, 1/8, 1 ¼, 1 ½, 1 ¾, etc.). Randomly select a whole number and have your child pick cards from the stack that, when added together, will be equivalent to the whole number you have chosen.

The Math Egg Hunt Game
Aside from being very educational and entertaining, the Math Egg Hunt Game is also a way to spark up the creativity of your child. Have him/her help you design the eggs, much like how you would Easter Eggs. Paint on numbers and fractions (if applicable to your child’s grade or level in school). Once they’re dry, hide them in various areas of your home. Before you start the game, pick a number. Your kid should then separate the eggs in pairs, with each pair, when added together or subtracted from each other, will result in the number you chose.

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