Common Discipline Mistakes


Common Discipline Mistakes
Common Discipline Mistakes
Almost all parents out there have had their share of discipline methods that backfired. Do you remember telling your kid something along the lines of: “Eat your vegetables or we won’t go to the movies!” only to have your child say “Okay then! Let’s not go to the movies!”? Sometimes, these things are bound to happen. However, it does not mean that you should just keep on committing these common discipline mistakes. Knowing how to properly discipline your children is a must, as this will build a stronger foundation for them as they grow up.
So what are the other discipline mistakes that you should avoid? Here are two of them.

Telling White Lies

In many cases, small white lies often work on children, which is why many parents are tempted to tell them. However, these have the tendency to backfire, especially once your children get to talk to other people who will disprove what you told them. These white lies are often uttered in situations that require kids to do something or go somewhere they do not want to. Empathizing is a much better thing to do than saying these little lies.

Backing Down
One of the worst things that you can do is to threaten your kids – doing so will make them never want to listen to you. While it may work for a certain situation, this does not mean that it will for the rest times that your kid will act out. In fact, it is something that a lot of experts want parents to stop doing. Threats will not stop the kind of bad behavior they have. Instead of doing this, it will be better for you to issue an initial warning, and if your kid still does the same thing, give him/her a consequence right away. If he/she still shows the same bad behavior after several days, a gentle reminder of the consequence will do the trick.

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