Comments You Should Never Say in Front of Your Children


Comments You Should Never Say in Front of Your Children
Comments You Should Never Say in Front of Your Children
There will always be times wherein parents will end up saying something wrong to their kids that will leave them with emotions such as hurt, anger, and confusion. While these things are often said in the spur of the moment, parents should understand the impact that they have on kids. So to help you avoid making your child feel hurt, angry, or confused, below you will find some of the most common comments you should never say in front of your children.

“Don’t Bother Me”

All parents need time for themselves, especially those who do not get much-needed “me time.” So when they finally do, and their child comes to them for something, they may end up saying something like “Don’t bother me,” “I’m busy,” or “Leave me alone.” This is understandable. However, saying it frequently will result in children beginning to internalize why they are always being brushed off. The possible outcome is that they will no longer want to speak with their parents because of the fear that they are just being bothersome.

“You Are So…”

Sentences that include the words “You are so” are forms of labelling. These can be in a positive manner, such as a compliment like “you are so great” or “you are so nice.” However, in most cases, they are negative labels, such as “How come you are so clumsy?” If your child often hears such negative comments about them from your own mouth, they will believe you, especially since you are their parent. They can carry this to their adulthood, which may result in their emotional health and well-being being compromised.

“There’s nothing to cry about.”

It is okay to for children to cry, to be sad, or to be upset – they are children who cannot handle their emotions as effectively as adults. If you keep on saying things such as “Don’t cry,” “There’s nothing to cry about,” “Don’t be sad,” or worse, “Don’t be such a baby,” they will start believing that there is something wrong with them.

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