How to Co-Sleep Safely


How to Co-Sleep Safely
How to Co-Sleep Safely
Are you thinking about co-sleeping? If such is the case, then you need to know that there are factors for consideration, especially in terms of your child’s safety and security. There are things that you have to do that you will not have to when you and your children sleep separately. So in order for you to ensure that your baby’s health is not compromised, here are some of the most important tips on how to co-sleep safely.

On Companions
You should never sleep with your baby if you have had a few drinks. These intoxicating substances can negatively affect your level of awareness, which means that you may forget that you are co-sleeping with your infant or you may not hear his/her cries. In addition, sleep-sharing is not recommended for parents who are extremely overweight. If you still want to sleep in the same room with your child, a co-sleeper or crib is a safer option.

On the Mattress and Bed
When choosing a mattress for your baby, it is a must that you go for one that is smooth and flat. Babies should never be put on waterbeds, couches, armchairs, or egg-crate mattresses. These have uneven surfaces, which can interfere with your baby’s breathing. It is also advisable that the mattress is placed on the floor, so that, in the event your child rolls off, it he/she would not fall from a considerable height. To make it even safer, surround the mattress with pillows and soft rugs to cushion your child and make the fall less-impacting.

On Beddings
Make certain that any objects that may interfere with your baby’s breathing is kept away from his/her face, such as pillows, comforters, blankets, and other types of beddings. You should also ensure that beddings are fit properly and are secure on all sides as they can be pulled loose and may end up blocking your child’s nose or mouth.

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