Checking on Your Baby’s Language Development


Baby’s Language Development

Checking on Your Baby’s Language Development

Many parents are often concerned about the language development of their children. Some of their friends’ kids may already be talking at age 1, while some can utter complete sentences before they even become 2. However, it is important to understand that language development in babies varies, and there are some who would only be able to say complete sentences by age 5. Fortunately, there are things that parents can do to help boost their baby’s language development.

According to a new study, talking with your baby in a specific manner will result in him/her picking up on the language that you use. Speaking with him regularly through this manner will make a huge difference in his/her vocabulary. This difference is in terms of a doubled vocabulary by the time that your child reaches the age of 2.

Thanks to a nationwide education campaign in the United States, more and more parents are now speaking with their children in the hopes of enhancing language development in children. This is why the aforementioned study has made its way to the headlines. So what is this study? It is called “Zero to Five.”

There are basically three components. First is to speak with the baby in a sing-songy voice. After this, parents should talk to their babies one-on-one. Last, but not the least, is to engage them in entire conversations. Doing all of these things in a regular basis can result in the baby’s vocabulary expanding considerably, up to twice what is common in 2-year-old children.

There are plenty of ways that you can get your baby’s language development go faster and much more efficiently, but giving the three above a well-deserved try should be on the top of your priorities. In fact, the three components of “Zero to Five” can do a lot more than just enhance your baby’s language development: it can strengthen the bonds that you share with your precious one.

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