Best Infant Car Seats of 2015


Best Infant Car Seats of 2015
Looking for the right infant car seat to purchase in 2015? Start the New Year right by checking out our list of the best infant car seats of 2015. And to view a larger list of the top selling infant car seats with pricing across major retailers, check out our infant car seats in our “Find Deals” section.

Chicco Keyfit 30
Chicco Keyfit 30The Chicco Keyfit30 is considered to be one of the best infant car seats of 2015, thanks to the level and overall quality of safety and comfort that it provides to infants and parents alike. Its portability also adds to the convenience that it delivers. The removable newborn insert allows for adjustments to be made, which means that if your baby weighs anywhere from 4 to 30 pounds, he/she can be comfortably accommodated. The impressively thick cushioning also features a 5-point safety harness with energy-absorbing foam lining to add even more comfort and safety for your child.

Combi Shuttle
Combi ShuttleIf you are looking for a lightweight, portable, and safety-engineered infant car seat, then you should consider Combi Shuttle. Surrounded by safety features such as an anti-rebound bar and side impact protection system, your baby is sure to get optimum protection from impact collisions, may it be on the front, the side, or the rear. The head restraint, which can be adjusted as needed, comes with energy absorbing foam and deep side walls that effectively distributes crash forces away from the most critical parts of your child’s body, particularly the head, neck, and spine. You can also count on the carrier’s anti-rebound bar to provide stability to the seat, as it is designed to minimize the force and effects brought about by collisions.

Cybex Aton 2
Cybex Aton 2The Cybex Aton 2 also makes it to this list of the best infant car seats of 2015 because, generally, it performs well in protecting babies and providing parents with almost everything they need to feel assured that their child is safe, protected, and comfortable. One of the best aspects of this particular infant carrier is its integrated sun canopy that gives SPF 50+ sun protection. This is something that you will not fin in most infant car seats. The insert and inlay are also removable, giving parents even more control. It is perfect for babies weighing from 4 to 32 pounds. This infant car seat receives great reviews on many of the retail websites and is noted for it’s safety and ease of use.

Safety 1st Onboard35 Air
Safety 1st Onboard35 AirThe Safety 1st onBoard35 Air features the “Air Protect Side Impact Technology,” which is an advanced protective system that still ensures portability and ease of transportation. This technology also ensures that the head of your child, which is the part most vulnerable to side collisions, is cradled properly and securely. The harness, while is specifically designed for smaller and younger infants, still works exceptionally well to cradle older babies, as the seat has additional leg room. Babies from 4 pounds up to 35 pounds can easily be accommodated by this Safety 1st offering. Parents will also love the ergonomic design of the seat’s Carry Curve Handle.

UppaBaby Mesa
UppaBaby MesaLast, but not the least, is the UppaBaby Mesa infant car seat. This infant car seat has all the right features needed to provide infants with safety and protection while also being easy to use, transport, and carry around. A key feature of this infant carrier is its SMARTSECURETM System, a technology that makes use of what the manufacturer touts as “a tightness indicator.” It also comes with mini LATCH connectors that retract automatically so that easy, not to mention fast and accurate installation, can be completed properly. Some of the other positive aspects of the carrier are its Side Impact Protection features and its SPF 50+ canopy.

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