What is Attachment Parenting


What is Attachment Parenting
What is Attachment Parenting
All parents out there want to have a close and strong emotional bond with their children. Many of them also work hard to create a style of parenting that will best suit their values. One such style that is very popular is attachment parenting. So what is attachment parenting? Will it work for you? According to the Attachment Parenting International (API), which is a global educational association created specifically for this parenting style, says that there are 8 attachment parenting principles. Here they are:

1. Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting – Negative feelings and thoughts about pregnancy should be eliminated.

2. Feeding with Love and Respect – One way to establish a strong connection with a child is to breastfeed him/her.

3. Responding with Sensitivity – All actions of children, even tantrums, should be considered as forms of communications and should be responded to appropriately.

4. Using a Nurturing Touch – Attachment parenting, according to API, should involve as much skin-to-skin touching between a parent and a child.

5. Engaging in Nighttime Parenting – In attachment parenting, it is highly advised by experts for parents to develop “co-sleeping” arrangements, wherein the infant will be sleeping within the same room as his/her parents.

6. Providing Constant and Continuous Loving Care – Constant presence of both parents, if possible, is a proponent that attachment parenting experts highly recommend.

7. Practicing Positive Discipline – Parents who would like to practice attachment parenting should be able to properly distract, redirect, and guide their children, even if their children are still very young.

8. Striving for Balance when it comes to Personal and Family Life – A support network is one of the most critical components of attachment parenting, so that they can enhance their lives and avoid feeling burned-out.

Attachment parenting is just one of the many other styles of parenting. It is up to you though whether or not you would use this style or come up with your own. You can also try mixing your own styles with some of the proponents of attachment parenting.

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