Activities for 6 to 9 Month Olds


Activities for 6 to 9 Month Olds
Activities for 6 to 9 Month Olds
Activities for 6 to 9 month olds are limitless – there are just so many things that you can do with your baby within this age bracket that are not only sure to keep him/her entertained and interested, but will also give their physical and mental health a boost. Here are just a few of them.

Simple Games
At this point, even the simplest games can actually help speed up the development of your baby’s physical and mental development. So as much as you can, play with your baby on the floor. Talk to your baby about the colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns of the toys and objects you are playing with. Rolling a ball back and forth will also be an interesting game yet learning experience for your child.

Crawling Activities
Help your child get on his/her tummy for crawling activities. Place some items a couple of feet in front of your baby so that he/she would need to do some crawling to reach it. Give him/her all the encouragement you can so that she will continue crawling he/she reaches and touches the objects.

Performing yoga baby can help both of you relax. It is also a great bonding experience with your baby that has the added bonus of helping improve your child’s mobility and physical health.

Using Sorting Toys
If you are going to go shopping for new toys, make sure that you include one or a couple of the sorting type. These are educational toys that have openings on the top or the sides wherein several smaller objects in various shapes and patterns can be inserted. Teach your baby where each shape or pattern goes to and then allow him/her to experiment on his/her own.

Sound Discovery Activities
Allow your baby to discover the fact that each object makes its own sound by playing with toys and musical instruments such as rattlers, shakers, bells, drums, and xylophones.

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