8 Chores Suitable for an Elementary School Child


Chores Suitable for an Elementary School Child
8 Chores Suitable for an Elementary School Child (Ages 5-10)
Having your kids help out around the house is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences you, as a parent, will ever have. However it is important that you do since this will show your child how to apply values that he or she have been taught, especially when it comes to cleanliness and respect for others and the environment. If you do not have any idea yet as to which tasks to assign him/her, here are ideas on 8 chores suitable for an elementary school child (ages 5-10).

1. Clean the Fridge
Ask your child to help you clean the fridge by removing food one shelf at a time from the appliance. Next, have him/her wipe down the shelves and the sides of the fridge before organizing the contents in it.

2. Wipe Kitchen Appliances

Using a clean cloth that has some non-toxic window cleaner, ask your child to wipe down the dishwasher front, the refrigerator front, the oven front, the toaster oven front, and the microwave front.

3. Help with Cooking
This is best done during the weekends, when your child is off from school. Just ask for his/her help in preparing the ingredients you need to use for a meal, such as washing vegetables and throwing away the discards.

4. Dusting
You can either have your child use a feather duster or a clean, dry cloth to wipe the television, computers, side tables, etc.

5. Organize the Basket of Freshly Laundered Clothes
This task will involve folding and hanging or putting away 1 small basked of freshly washed clothes.

6. Clean Stains on the Walls

Hand a clean and disinfected damp rag to your child and ask him/her to help you clean the stains off the walls.

7. Clean Windows
If you are going to use a window cleaning material, make sure that it is non-toxic. Have your child then wipe the windows as well as the glass doors, mirrors, and the TV.

8. Clean the Chairs in the Family/Living Room Area
Ask your child to organize the area where the living room chairs are found. This may include removing and stowing away his/her toys, books, pens, papers, and other miscellaneous items that are not part of the living room.

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