7 Essential Manners to Teach your Kids


7 Essential Manners to Teach your Kids

7 Essential Manners to Teach your Kids

One of the most important life lessons that you can share and leave with your children is good manners. Having the right attitude and behavior is essential, as this will be with your kid for the rest of his/her life. Instilling these good qualities in your child will help strengthen his/her foundation as a moral person. To start, here are 7 essential manners to teach your kids.

1. Table Manners

Some of the most important table manners that you should teach to your kids are the following:
• Chewing with the mouth closed and doing it as quietly as possible
• Waiting till everyone else in the table has been served before starting to eat
• Using table napkins to wipe their mouth and not to blow their nose with

2. Introducing Himself/Herself and Who He/She is With

Children who introduce themselves as well as the people that they are with are able to make good impression on other people. Those who do not are often overlooked.

3. Conversation Skills

It is crucial for children to learn how they can make good conversation. Teach your kids to always listen and avoid interrupting those who are talking. You should also instill in them the importance of waiting for their turn or saying “Excuse me” when they really need to interrupt someone who is still talking.

4. Gratefulness

Gratefulness is one of the most important life lessons in manners that you can teach your children. Learning the value of being grateful will be carried by your children for the rest of their lives, as this will also teach them how humility and being appreciative of what they have.

5. Courteousness and Politeness

While having perfect manners is something very difficult to achieve, children who are courteous and polite will live a satisfying life. They will do very well in their lives. Make sure that you teach them not to intentionally hurt people and if they accidentally do, they should apologize sincerely.

6. Humility

Being humble, despite of great achievements, should always be something that your child should do. Teach them of the difference between proud and pride.

7. Respect

Respect, in all aspects, is an essential part of good manners. Respecting differences, may it be in culture, race, and opinions, should be a part of your child’s life.

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