5 Fun Indoor Activities for Two Year Olds


5 Fun Indoor Activities for Two Year Olds
5 Fun Indoor Activities for Two Year Olds
Toddlers love to play outdoors. However, there are times that we can’t just allow our kids to go outside, especially if the weather isn’t cooperating. There are plenty of indoor activities that we can still do with them though, things that they will still be able to enjoy an explore their creative side.. So the next time that you are experiencing bad weather in your area, here are 5 fun indoor activities for two year olds or even older.

1. Play-Doh Activities and Games
Play-Doh has and will always be a great toy for kids. Aside from being fun to play with, it is also interesting and inspires creativity in children and adults alike. To add an extra element of creativity for your two year old child get some drinking straws and show him/her how you can form shapes and animals with the clay and the straws or make your very own zoo or farm.

2. Fruit Necklaces
All you need for this activity is string, needle, and fresh fruits. Berries and grapes are perfect for this activity. Help your toddler thread the yarn into the fruits, making sure that the first fruit you use is a berry or a grape. This will make sure that the rest of the fruits are held securely in place. Aside from being a fun activity, you and your child will also be able to enjoy eating up the necklaces after.

3. Science Experiments
Kids, even the younger ones, are very interested when it comes to explorations and learning how the world works. One of our favorite science kits is the POOF-Slinky – Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit. This kit comes with 11 experiments along with the necessary supplies to perform them. If you are more of the do-it-yourself type you could also check out this site site for some great ideas.

4. Cookie Designing Activities

Another great creative project to do with your 2-year old daughter or son is to decorate some baked goodies you made. There are literally dozens and dozens of ingredients they can use, such as candies, chocolate bars, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and frosting among many others. This way, they can make their own patterns and designs.

5. DIY Bubbles
A staple when it comes to both indoor and outdoor activities is bubble making. Just mix one and a half cups of water with three quarters of a cup of dishwashing liquid and 3 teaspoons of liquid hand soap.

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