15 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child The Alphabet


15 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child The Alphabet
15 Ways to Teach Your Child The Alphabet
One of the questions that many parents of young children always ask is this: “When should I teach my child the alphabet?” Experts recommend that parents expose their children to the alphabet as early as possible, so that they will have a better literacy foundation. There are countless numbers of ways on how you can help your child master the alphabet; with many of them can be very fun for children. So to help you out in this area, here are 15 ways to teach your child the alphabet.

1. Alphabet Order Singing Game
This easy game will help your child’s letter recognition and is also enjoyable since it includes singing and memory enhancement. Just make a set of alphabet cards or purchase a set of Alphabet Flash Cards. Sing the alphabet once and ask your child what the first letter is. If he/she answers correctly, have him/her point out the correct letter from the set of cards. Repeat until you’ve gone through all the letters.

2. Do-It-Yourself Alphabet Boxes
Make alphabet cards and put each letter in a separate container. Source items such as small objects and toys and put them in the boxes depending on the first letter of their name. Go for colorful combinations so that your child will be more interested in learning the alphabet.

3. Alphabet Action Games
Learning the alphabet will be more interesting if you also come up with action games. An example of this is teaching your child the first letter of a particular action or movement and showing it to him/her, such as A for applaud or (C is for clapping).

4. Drawing Activities
Drawing various items and teaching your child how they are spelled will not only help him/her learn the alphabet, but will also spark their creative process.

5. Alphabet Decoration
Cut/print out the letters in the alphabet and use decorative materials (glitters, colored papers, strings, etc.) to design them. This will also make the alphabet cards more interesting to look at.

6. Alphabet Collage
Cut out various images from old magazines, newspapers, or books. While teaching your child the alphabet, have him/her help you make them into a photo collage depending on the first letter of how they are spelled.

7. Name Spelling Activities
Teaching your child how his/her name is spelled is one of the first things you should teach him when it comes to learning the alphabet. You can use the alphabet cards you have made from any of the above-mentioned activities to teach him/her how to spell his/her name.

8. Make Alphabet Cookies
Have your child help you cut out cookie dough using the various letter in the alphabet. He/she will surely be able to enjoy this activity, and as a bonus, they will also love eating the cookies.

9. Alphabet Cookies Decorating Activities
To make the alphabet cookies even more interesting for your child, have him/her help you decorate the cookies. Frosting, sprinkles, candies, and chocolates can all be used to decorate the treats.

10. Color Spelling Activities
Since learning the basic colors is one of the first things that you will teach your child, you can also use this process to teach him/her the alphabet by teaching him how the names of the colors are spelled.

11. Make Alphabet Soup
For this activity, use different types of ingredients that have different first letters in their name. Have your child recite as many of the ingredients he/she is familiar with and ask him what their first letter is.

12. Make Alphabet Salad Using Fruits
This is similar to the alphabet soup, but use fruits instead.

13. Item Search Games
In this game, just choose any letter from the alphabet and ask your child to gather as many small items/toys that start with the letter you have chosen. You can also hide treats in various parts of your home to make it more exciting.

14. “Bring Me” Games
Like the item search games, but in this one, you can just ask your child to bring one item per letter.

15. Memory Game
Double the stack of alphabet cards you have and rumble them. This game works the same as the traditional memory game, but this will help your child be more familiar with the alphabet.

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