10 Books for Your Toddler


10 Books for Your Toddler
10 Books for Your Toddler
Now that your precious one is growing, you may want to start investing in some books that are best suited and most appropriate for him/her. To make the selection process a lot easier, here are 10 books for your toddler that both of you will really enjoy.

1. Baby Happy Baby Sad
Authored by Leslie Patricelli, this book teaches parents and kids alike how to understand mood swings and deal with them better.

2. Counting Kisses: A Kiss & Read Book
Thanks to author Karen Katz, you are surely going to have a great night cuddling together with your little one.

3. Fast Food
Saxton Freymann is known for his talents of creating animal and object characters from fruits and vegetables. Aside from being entertaining, this book is quite educational too.

4. Freight Train Board Book
If your preschooler is crazy about trains, get him/her this Donald Crews creation which contains the names of all types of train cars.

5. Sheep in a Jeep
Co-authors Nancy E. Shaw and Margot Apple has filled this book with fun rhymes.

6. The Happy Egg
Ever been asked by your child where baby birds come from? Then this book by Ruth Krauss will help you deal with that question properly.

7. The Napping House
Another joint creation, this time by Audrey Wood and Don Wood, is really interesting and is a great way to start developing your child’s thinking skills.

8. Where’s My Teddy?
Jez Alborough’s book is perfect for children who love a stuffed toy.

9. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Written by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, this book focuses on a great adventure that may highly likely encourage you and your child to go on one.

10. Yummy Yucky
Leslie Patricelli’s Yummy Yucky effectively explains the difference between delicious foods and items that shouldn’t make their way into your kid’s mouth.

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